Walmart Establishes Emergency Leave Policy in Response to Coronavirus.

"...Walmart is establishing an emergency leave policy for its employees amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In a March 10 email to all US employees, the company announced it would waive its attendance policy through the end of April as part of a "COVID-19 emergency leave policy." Walmart US CEO John Furner, Sam's Club CEO Kath McLay, and Chief People Officer Donna Morris requested in the email that employees opting to stay home still "call in as usual" to update store management.

"In order to be paid for this time, you may use your regular paid time off options," the email said. "If your store, club, office or distribution center is part of a mandated quarantine or if you're required to quarantine by a government agency or by Walmart, you will receive up to two weeks of pay, and absences during the time you are out will not count against attendance..."

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